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PureVPN Senaste version 6.3.0

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PureVPN - Ladda ner PureVPN, version 6.3.0

För närvarande finns det ingen recension av programmet: PureVPN, version 6.3.0. Om du vill skriva en recension av programmet, var vänlig gör så och skicka den till oss så inkluderar vi den gärna här.

Are you looking for a VPN to use for all of your P2P and file sharing needs? A service which has servers scattered all across the globe, which truly open up the web to you? If this is your kind of service, then join the millions of subscribers who download and torrent content while connected to one of PureVPN’s protected servers.
Downloading and torrenting has become somewhat of a difficult process, as national governments have created stronger restrictions on the practice. As a result, very few VPNs now offer the ability to protect the identity of users torrenting and accessing file sharing websites.
PureVPN is not one of those VPNs that gave up.
The service not only allows users to access file sharing and P2P networks, but it does it while simultaneously changing the IP address of users, to protect their personal identity. Pretty great right?
PureVPN is far more than just a service which protects you while you torrent, as it also is a service which protects you in all of your day to day web activities. The virtual private network uses the very same servers that you torrent with to also protect you no matter what device you are using. Whether it is your Mac, Android phone, or iPad – rest assured that all of your data will be protected.
Better yet, all of the activity that you partake in online is protected by a 256 bit encryption process, which locks up your data so that no one can view what you have been up to. Such a high level encryption is simply impossible to hack, as there truly are countless combinations for the encryption key.
Best of all, you can purchase your own dedicated IP to ensure the ultimate level of privacy and security for your online business. Don’t bother using a shared server, purchase your own and control all of the traffic!
Protect your downloading and torrenting activities today when you join PureVPN.
• Ozone VPN Servers – Connect to one of PureVPN’s many Ozone enabled servers to block malicious malware, annoying advertisements, and potentially harmful websites. Ozone enabled servers go far beyond the purpose of a standard VPN, as they also weed out content which could potentially harm your devices.
• Port Forwarding – Access an internet connected device from anywhere in the world when you use PureVPN’s unique Port Forwarding feature. Jump behind the eyes of your home security cameras or any other internet enabled device currently connected to the web. Unlike many other VPNs, PureVPN allows you to run both Port Forwarding and a virtual private network at the same time – ensuring the highest level of privacy.
• Dedicated Streaming Servers – Stream all of your favorite viral content when you connect to any of PureVPN’s dedicated streaming servers. The protected servers are specifically designed to allow you access to all of the best streaming sites, with the best of speeds.
PureVPN is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi, and routers (which protect all connected devices).

If PureVPN wasn’t recently involved in a scandal involving turning over logs to authorities, it would likely be regarded as a better VPN in 2018. However, PureVPN did in fact recently turn over logs of user data to a government authority, which has scared many users away from using the service.
Before the scandal, PureVPN was an extremely popular and reliable service which was used by millions. The service had some serious highpoints, which truly did make it a fan favorite.
For starters, PureVPN has a massive range of servers located around the world. The service offers well over 2000 servers in 140 countries, which is incredibly impressive to say the least. With such an abundance of servers and locations, it isn’t difficult for users to find a country which permits P2P networks and file sharing. The service in fact prides itself on being a provider which encourages P2P and torrenting.
Additionally, PureVPN offers split tunneling, which few other providers offer. The split tunneling feature allows users to route a portion of their internet activity through a protected server while simultaneously routing the other portion through their local service provider. This allows users to maintain a quick speed on both servers.
Lastly, PureVPN offers a kill switch feature which immediately disconnects users from the internet if the VPN drops. This prevents the device in use from reconnecting to the local internet service provider, and potentially exposing the user’s location.
However even prior to the 2017 PureVPN scandal, the service was far from perfect. It has experienced many issues with DNS leaks, which expose the user’s personal IP address. Such an issue is something that the kill switch has no power in preventing.
In conclusion, PureVPN is a service with a ton of potential, but due to its recent scandals, DNS leaks, and slow download speeds, is a service which just can’t compete with the top VPNs. Users are better off looking for a VPN which has no history of handing over logs, or any type of recent scandal.
Servers and Speed
Countries – 140+
Server Count – 2000+
Speeds – Download speed is decreased by nearly 45% when using the VPN. Upload speed is decreased by nearly 5%.
Does it Work with Netflix?
Yes, only with USA Netflix.
Does it Work in China?

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